Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Weekend of Learning

Dear Alice,
I have missed several days of writing, so just wanted to let you know that my weekend went ever-so-fast! I participated in Shermane Fouchè's "Draping on a Mannequin" workshop put on by our Fiberarts Guild. Intense. Fun. I have so much more to learn by experience. Here's a photo of the bias skirt that was draped to create a pattern at the very end of the last day.

Three Bags Full....

and I definitely have more! Today I finished spinning the last of 1 pound of Border Leicester/Mohair blend that I bought from a fellow spinner almost a year ago. Yeaaaaa!!! 1370 yards! In January our regular columnist of "Rovings in Spinlandia" suggested to the Spinners' Flock that if we were to set a goal of spinning 2 ounces a day, we could have spun over 45 pounds in a year! Imagine! Knowing that I would be lucky to spin an ounce a day, I committed to spinning for at least 15 minutes every day at lunchtime. A pound is finished. OK, so I didn't spin the whole pound this year. But things are looking up. It is good meditation time. What will I do with this beautiful color?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday min bäst väninna!

Dear Alice,
A little more history.... This is where the postcard idea started. In 1987 the first letters started cruising across the Atlantic between two women with young children who were interested in quilting . Mari-Ann had placed an ad in Quilting Newsletter Magazine requesting a "pin pal". "How cool, I thought! Someone from Sweden. I shall give this a try!" Two women with young children, careers, homes, and hobbies wont for more time, always. I think it was when Scott and I visited Mari-Ann and Janne on our very first trip to Sweden that we agreed to send each other post cards if we traveled more than 6 Swedish miles from home. A quick way to keep in touch, beautiful photos, and we could manage that! Over twenty years and many, many postcards, we have become the best of friends.

So today is dedicated to min bäst vän, Mari-Ann, who is only 29 today!!!

Happy Födelsedag, min vän!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Frigid Days, Fine Selvedges

Dear Alice,
I have had several people ask about a close-up photo of the fabric for the jacket. You remember that I had gotten that beautiful eggshell reeled silk from you, that then I plied two together on the spinning wheel. Ohhhhh, a long time involved in that. Sometimes when I think of the time put into weaving that fabric I wonder how I EVER could sell that jacket! So here is the close up of the remaining largest piece. It had such a fine selvedge! That is the cord that I made from four threads of the silk and two of the cash/wool plied together.

This week I decided that I had better get a photo of my orchid that has been blooming since before Christmas before she loses all of her blossoms. A little fuzzy, but you can see how much joy she has given us. It has been so beautiful!

Flowers always lift the spirit, especially on these brisk days! It is only 9°F right now.

Hope this finds you well!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dear Alice,

For a long time I have contemplated blogging,
so tonight begins a journey into the world of
streamofconsciousness writing, telling you of
my journeys, with postcards from the fringes...
while spinning and weaving on my tour through life.

Here is the Hen (Alice) with her Chicks--Pat, Ellen, me, and Mary at The Wishbone Restaurant in Chicago.