Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Handwoven Dishtowels

Alice, Dear,

I was mangling table cloths, napkins, and dishtowels last weekend, draping every one gently over the drying rack as I went along to let them finish drying completely. Wow! I thought to myself. Quite a collection I am lucky to have! Ellen has contributed many to this cache...her lovely blues, and the most recent orange one with the red and yellow stripes which is sunshine in itself. Mary's is the organic cotton one, done in a diaper weave, and it has the most luscious hand. And there are yours...the multi-colored cotton stripes with a linen weft. Some I gave as gifts, but after your leaving us, I kept the last one for myself...I knew there would never be any more of those, and I like it so much. There is the one I wove myself with handspun cotton as weft. I decided that that particular one should go into the archives. It is really much too flimsy, though it does do a nice job on glasses. Maybe someday, 75 years from now, one granddaughter or another will pull it out of the archive and exclaim with joy about the handspun cotton weft. We can only hope....

Lots of love,

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Dear Alice,

We have put out an APB. Nancy has gone missing from her looms and fiber equipment. We have nearly given up and have begun our siren songs.


Jack N. LeClerc, Alice Macomber, Colleen LeClerc, and Spinny Ashford