Monday, November 24, 2008


Dear Alice,

I have been trying really hard to follow in your footsteps, to age gracefully. I don't know that it will ever happen, since most of the time I am only 30 or so in my head. Maybe this is a good thing. I don't see any wrinkles on my forehead (at least not early in the morning, before I put my glasses on). There is not much more to say except that birthdays have always been a wonderful thing for me. Usually there is a turkey dinner associated with my day, and I get calls and emails from very dear friends, and from children scattered far and wide. That is the best part. Since Thanksgiving this year is late, Scott and I enjoyed a wonderful whitefish entrèe with dried cherries and shiitake mushrooms. Dessert was a flourless chocolate torte with raspberry coulis, something I would love to be able to share with you.

What a perfectly lovely, snowy day! These ladies were wondering why I wasn't in my 'old' office today.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Path?

Dear Friends,

At first it was hard to know where to go after Alice's departure. I have decided to stay the course...Alice would have wanted it and Scott encouraged me with these words:

Love lives on forever

in each memory and thought...

For, in our hearts,

our loved ones are with us every day....

And so, the next installment will be another postcard to Alice.

Peace and love be with you all,