Sunday, August 24, 2008

Painted Warps with Sarah Saulson

Dear Alice,

What fun we had yesterday and today! Today we finished up the workshop that the Warped Women/Weavers held with Sarah Saulson. Painted Warps. Very cool. I really can't wait to weave my warp...I tried two colorways, based upon using a cocoa brown that I mixed. It was a conglomeration of cool red, warm red, a touch of black, cool yellow,and aqua. I finally got a yummy color of cocoa. With this I painted a 'mint' green that I concocted; the other colorway is the cocoa combined with a blood red that Phyllis
created, and the weft yarn that I tested on this section of warp was a red polyester that will make a really great table runner for Autumn. Phyllis dubbed them Chocolate Mint Ice Cream and Cherry Chocolate Pie.

Here is what Fran did:
So apropos! A few days later I saw a sweater in the 'Designer Runway' section at T. J. Maxx that looked just like Fran's pretty warp! Here she is tightening her warp on her little workshop loom. She's too cute!
Ellen took a walk on the wild side and put some lime green with splashes of red and 'Ellen's blue'. She tested a very fine dark green weft that is going to make this piece stunning!

Pat was a little worried about using her table loom, but all worked out, and she has a beautiful painted warp that I can't wait to see!

Here's part of our engrossed class

I wish you could have come...Sarah is a really organized, thorough teacher!

She sends her regards! Hugs from me too,

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