Monday, August 4, 2008

Eve of Election

Alice, it's that Eve of Destruction song that keeps going through my head tonight...really it's the Eve of Election. I told Scott at dinnertime that it feels like I have been working steadily, a little bit every day, on a term paper, and after a lengthy accumulation of days, there is enough to turn in tomorrow. It will be on time. I could very well get an A. I'll let you know.

I finished the color warp/gamp on Friday morning. I had hoped to stitch it in every spot that needs to be finished for samples over the weekend. It just didn't happen. Maybe Wednesday. I finished it off by doing a plain weave with 1/3 twill stripes at either end as a runner for Suzy to put on their table. Because it was plain weave and I put my feet only on two treadles, I was able to weave approximately 16.5 inches in 30 minutes! Whew! I was cruisin'!!! It was fun to see how fast I could go. The samples,on the other hand, were complicated enough that I eventually put colored dots on the treadles to keep track of which ones to depress in which order.

Off to bed with me. I must be up at 4.

Sova gott!

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