Thursday, May 29, 2008

Michigan's Answer to Texas's Bluebonnets

Dear Alice,

The lupines that I planted several years ago in a dry, sandy spot near the mailbox are alive with color. Oh, it makes me happy to see something that can survive that difficult corner! The Tall Yellow Coneflower will shine in late July, and the Little Bluestem is coming along, too.

Scott and I saw the last few blooms of the Texas Bluebonnets at the end of April and they were lovely. We have our own version here in Michigan, and they love our sandy soils. One Memorial Day weekend as we made our way north, they were resplendent in the sandy woodlands, and I resolved to try them here. They are a success--they are spreading by seed.

The colors in this photo remind me of the almost four yards of "It's Spring Alice!" that is slowly winding on the cloth beam. It will feel so good to have that piece behind me. Six shuttles. Whatever was I thinking???

We'll talk soon,

Cheap Cat Toys

Why is it that cats love to park themselves in the sunshine and on the least likely "cat toy" ever conceived by man?

Meet Frizbie, Suzy's 15-year-old kitty, who is dozing on a narrow cardboard box filled with more cardboard into which one is supposed to pour catnip. It makes him wild when the catnip is fresh. Today, it is not a bad spot, since the sunshine made it the most desirable perch in the entire house.

What Frizbie wants to know is why, why oh why, doesn't his mom get him treats like the Three Ginger Cats' Mom?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Catching Up

Dear Alice,

You have probably figured out by now that my absence is due to overbooking.

So here's the sequence of events since the week in San Antonio:

Weekend of May 3, Marvelous, Magical Color Workshop thru AAFG by Lois Bryant

Here's Lois with one of the many beautiful pieces she shared with us in the workshop that weekend.

We were to study colors taken from photos taken from magazines, calendars, our own collection or any source of inspiration. Here you see the colors I was playing with. The blues/greens/yellows are now a warp on my Little Alice.

Weekend of May 10, Opening the Cottage and a Good Walk in the Woods

Of course there is a lot of work to do to open the cottage for the season, but first one must take a walk in the woods to hunt morels. Even though it was the Mushroom Festival in Mesick, MI, we were skunked. It was just too cold. We did have a wonderful time walking the hilly woods, and the dogs had a blast together!

Weekend of May 17, Weaving History Conference at the Handweaving Museum, Clayton, NY.
...a lovely photo of Ruth Holroyd by Mary U. Ruth's presentation, the first of the weekend's programs, received a standing ovation by the group.

and this weekend--Steve's Birthday!

along with preparation of our 'float' for the Dexter Memorial Day Parade on Monday, and the beginning of door to door campaigning. It is also time to get tomatoes in the garden. More to come.

Sleep well!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Silence is Golden

Dear Alice,
It has been several days since you last heard from is not that I haven't been thinking of you. Sometimes Life gets in the way. I did at least get one letter written to Suzy, and a postcard off to Roger from San Antonio. His socks are finished (last week in San Antonio). DH has modeled them for me since I fear they would hang sloppily from my own feet. The decision to have a heart on one or both soles was made unconsciously, since I forgot to pack the red yarn to knit the heart on sole #2.

No matter. I think it is more fun to have just one heart appearing when propping one's feet up for a rest.

But, otherwise, don't they look really conservative?

So what has been happening in this Golden Silence (aside from the fact that I have rarely had any truly Golden Silence in the past thirteen days)? First we went to San Antonio to watch Suzy graduate from her USAF Basic Training. A tearful reunion, since we all missed her tremendously....

She had Town Passes Friday afternoon and Saturday all day, so we enjoyed the Riverwalk and Mexican food, Fiesta and loud music everywhere. Saturday we all took in the boat ride, and yes, more Mexican food! For us Michiganders it was a tough two days of adjustment to the heat at 86 degrees. Hot food will cool you down, right?

After siblings and spouses flew back home, Scott and I stayed for more days of Botanical Gardens, The Lady Bird Johnson National Wildflower Center, more gardens, and sightseeing. I'll send along photos of the others as soon as they are developed. For now I will stop...many more things to do and I don't want to bore you with the details.

I hope all is well,